Erectile Dysfunction: How to stay calm and treat the disease?

In these latter days, the amount of men who cannot have an erection is gradually growing. These are sad statistics data. Approximately 20 years ago, such drugs as Cialis and Viagra hit the market and men, suffering from erectile dysfunction had the chance to bring back a normal sexual life. However, except for ED pills, there are some other ways to make sex better and treat erectile dysfunction.

For some of you, these methods may seem to be too savage. Nevertheless, we cannot say that all of them have the same effectiveness as ED pills have. In any case, if you experience erection disorders, you need to consult a doctor before you start medication. All these methods are described for information purposes. Self-medication is not the best way out.

1. Pills
As we have already mentioned above, Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are the most effective pills, used for curing impotentness. They fight the illness by relaxing the smooth muscle of penis. This process increases the blood circulation and as a result, a man feels the erection.

Besides, the effectiveness of these pills was scientifically proven and documented. However, each patient should be aware of possible side effects and avoid taking nitrates.

2. Pumps
The full name is a penis vacuum pump. Regardless of the fact that many men laugh at this method, it has a good reputation. Their main goal is to increase the blood flow to the penis. Besides, their price is not sky high. Irrespective of a number of positive testimonials, men do not like this method. In this case, they need to use it before the sexual intercourse. A partner may see it and understand that her man has some problems with erection. Besides, you have no chances of spontaneous sex.

3. Penis Injections.
This method is the most threatening for each man. Nevertheless, before the invention of ED pills, this method was regarded as the most efficacious one. As a rule, the injectable drug is alprostadil, but in some instances, it may be combined with other components. The doctor may show how to do them correctly and you may do them at home (by yourself).

4. Suppositories.
This method fits for those who are afraid of needles and cannot do injections by themselves. Such suppositories are called MUSE. However, this method and the method of injections deprive men of the opportunity to have spontaneous sex.

5. Implants.
These days, the technology of penile implants is improved. There are two types of them:
• Malleable implants.
• Inflatable implants.
A doctor can help you decide which one will be better for you.

6. Surgical intervention.
Nowadays, the vascular surgery is not a widely-spread method. If all the above-mentioned methods are not effective, the doctor may recommend a patient to undergo surgical intervention. Nevertheless, surgery is used in less than 1% of men.

Except for the above-mentioned methods, men should bear in mind that erection disorders do not appear on their own. Mostly, erectile dysfunction is the after-effect of taking some pills. If a man suffers from diabetes or heart problems, erectile dysfunction may be the main symptom of these diseases.

All methods, described in this article are dramatic. In any case, to avoid erection disorders, men need to go in for sport, refuse from smoking, alcohol, and other bad habits.