1. What is Cialis?
These days, Cialis is the most long-lasting pill used in the area of erectile dysfunction medication. Men, suffering from erectile dysfunction, take Cialis to combat this illness. It was approved by FDA in 2003 and up to this day is regarded as the best medicine in the area of curing impotentness.

2. How long does the effect last?
Having taken Cialis, you will feel the effect in 15 minutes! Besides, you can be spontaneous in your sexual relationships, because you take only one pill and you may forget about the other ways of treatment for 36 hours. Because of such a long effect, people call Cialis a weekend pill.

3. Does Cialis intake depend on the food you eat?
No, you may take one pill of Cialis at any time you wish. It makes no matter what food you eat before and what you are going to have for dinner. Food doesn’t influence the drug effect at all.

4. Can I take alcohol and Cialis?
In fact, it is not recommended to combine alcoholic beverages and ED pills. Nevertheless, a glass of wine will not influence the drug effect. This is the main benefit of this medicine. As far as in most instances, people always drink wine or champagne at dates, you are not obliged to refuse it only because you take Cialis. However, doctors say that a large dosage of alcohol influences the drug effect.

5. Are there any side effects?
You will hardly find drugs that do not have side effects. The same is about Cialis. In some instances, this medicine may cause side effects but they are not serious. The most widely-spread sideway effects are the following:

• Headache;
• Back pain;
• Dizziness;
• Stuffy nose.

In a given time they disappear (as a rule, less than in one hour). You shouldn’t be afraid of them because if the manufacturer says that the drug may cause side effects, it doesn’t mean that this information refers to each patient. Mostly, patients experience the only positive impact of Cialis.

6. What drugs are not compatible with Cialis?
This information is very important for each patient. Don’t neglect it! Cialis is not compatible with nitrates. If you suffer from heart diseases and take nitrates, it is prohibited to take Cialis. Otherwise, side effects and low blood pressure will not be long in coming.

7. Does Insurance Cover ED Pills?
Mostly, people are made to pay for Cialis and other ED pills by themselves. Health insurance companies do not cover such expenses. Besides, the price for Cialis varies greatly. The company manufacturer doesn’t regulate the price and patients are made to look for the most profitable offer.

8. What dosage to choose?
In fact, only your health care provider can prescribe you the dosage. It depends on your state of health. The dosage of Cialis may be the following: 2,5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. Patients, who take these pills on a daily basis, take 2,5 mg Cialis per day. The average single dose is 10 mg. In case you do not feel the effect, it may be increased to 20 mg.

9. Is it possible to split Cialis pills?
No, it is not recommended to do so. You may split it incorrectly and will not feel the effect. The recommended dosing option is prescribed by your doctor. If you want to feel the effect of this wonder pill, don’t forget to follow the instruction.

10. How does Cialis act?
When you take one pill of this medicine, it will start acting in 15-30 minutes. Its main ingredient, Tadalafil, increases blood circulation to the penis and maintains the erection during the sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, you should know that Cialis acts only in case you are sexually aroused. So, your sexual partner also influences the course of sexual intercourse.

Sometimes, people complain that Cialis doesn’t act, but they forget about the main rule – this drug will be effective only in case the man is sexually aroused.