If sex is a pleasure, then why don’t we experience the right sensations?

Dissatisfaction and disappointment in bed often worry both husband and his wife. Today, we will try to figure out what is actually the cause of this problem?

It is great when a very pleasant coincides with very useful

Sex, apparently, is one of the few occupations. Mankind loves it so much that today it is not simply esteemed, and is taken as the basis of scientific research, but also writes books about it, makes films, creates jokes and even legends.

Delivering pleasant sensations to our body, sexual intercourse heals us – it causes joy, as it has long been proven in medicine. However, how here not to rejoice, if during sex we carry out the basis of our entire biological function – we continue our family?

Origins of problems

But sex is not always pleasant. And today it makes nervous many people. Whether it was so earlier or is just now – it is obvious that the problem has existed long before than people started talking about it.

In general, today there are many reasons that can destroy the relationship between a man and a woman.

What then is the problem? In us or in what we do? Perhaps, in the way we do it? The correct answer is “Why do we do this”?

Have you ever thought about why you have sex? Of course, you will answer – “Of course, because it is nice.” Then the counter question – if sex on the idea should give you pleasure, why do you enter into sexual intercourse without proper mood?

Problems arising

Agree, this often happens, and most importantly with everyone, when sex is spoiled on a habit, it is banal and it is very easy.

1. To make sex great, never rush things. This applies to both women and men, and in the most direct sense. Good sex is warmed to the limit desire. Even if you get an orgasm a hundred times from physical contact with a partner, never try to do it all in a quick way. It just spoils sex. And this is the first reason for disappointment.

2. The second problem is external interference. It is strange, but even during sex some women manage to do something else. However, “multifunctionality” applies to men. Therefore, if you decide to participate in the release of endorphins in the partner’s body – be kind to concentrate on the process.

3. The third problem is complexes. The more fear, the worse sex! Be liberated, after all, we are all adults, and demonstrating what we want does not mean declaring “I am a pervert”.

4. The next problem is a lack of initiative. Again, do not be afraid to do nice your partner and yourself. Fear irritates and repels.

5. The fifth problem is laugh! It can be laughing during intercourse or mockery of a partner – disgusting behavior! No laugh during sex!

6. The sixth problem is the “very stupid” problem, like silly questions, such as “Are you okay?”, “Did you finish?”. Better tell how you love your partner!

7. And finally the last seventh problem – never close the topic of sex, after it is over. Do not fall asleep, do not turn away from each other, and leave only if you want to bring something delicious from the kitchen.

Be natural – the secret of success

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