Inhibited Ejaculation: Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy.

Representatives of the stronger sex may face different sexual problems. Some of them suffer from a rapid ejaculation and try to do allInhibited Ejaculation: Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy. that possible to prolong the coitus. There is an opposite problem when a man is unable or has some difficulties to do ejaculation. This kind of disorder is called inhibited or retarded ejaculation, or anejaculation. During the sexual contact, a man is aroused, has an erection but ejaculation doesn’t occur making the man sexually unsatisfied. This disorder may not only become the reason of problems in partners’ relations but also may be the sign of serious health problems.

Anejaculation is a rare disorder but it’s thought to be rather a serious one. It demands treatment and consultations of the following specialists: sexual health doctor, andrologist, neurologist, urologist and endocrinologist. Treatment is usually assigned after some medical checks and tests: ultrasound investigation, tests for hormones and infections of genitals.

About 80% of men with aInhibited Ejaculation: Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy. delayed ejaculation may have an orgasm during masturbating, oral sex or in the sleep. The rest 20% can’t ejaculate at all. Moreover, we should remind that irregular retarded ejaculation may happen as a result of man’s fatigue and his partner’s weariness as well. But if it happens during every intercourse, there is no reason to delay the visit to a doctor.

Stages of Anejaculation

Delayed ejaculation has 4 stages of disorder:
1. Total lack of ejaculation – it’s the extreme of the disease. Here none of the methods of penis stimulation is effective.
2. Relative anejaculation. A man doesn’t reach ejaculation during the intercourse, but during masturbation, petting and oral sex.
3. Primary delayed ejaculation. It’s the disorder, which is usually happening at the beginning of sensual life.
4. Secondary delayed ejaculation. It occurs some time after the beginning of sensual life. It may have a temporary character and appear as a result of some negative factors.

Symptoms of Anejaculation

The core symptom of anejaculation is an increased time of frictions till the moment of ejaculation. Whereas all the man’s efforts to approach orgasm, ejaculation doesn’t occur or the sperm quantity is too small. Some men are able to reach an orgasm while masturbating; the others – with the help of the sexual partner during petting or oral sex without penetration.

Of course, the duration of intercourse is individual, that’s why we may speak about the ejaculation disorder when it doesn’t happen even after 30 minutes of frictions or a long-term intercourse causes physical and psychological discomfort to both partners.

It’s absolutely a wrong man’s position to consider his partner to be the main reason for the disorder. At the same time partners think that they are not enough sexually attractive if men don’t have an ejaculation. It’s incorrect to blame each other for the situation, the best way out is to visit a doctor and have medical tests to find out the reason.


First of all, it’s necessary to consult a urologist and andrologist. They will start the diagnosis of the disorder. It may include:

  • History taking;
  • Medical tests to indicate the hormones level, possible sexually transmitted diseases and other infections of reproductive organs;
  • Prostate gland massage to indicate the sperm quantity during ejaculation;
  • Ultrasonography of male genitals and pelvic organs.

In the case when physiological factors of anejaculation are not found out, a patient is sent to get a medical consultation of sexual health doctor or mental specialist.


Treatment of delayed ejaculation is assigned according to the reasons for the disease. It always includes medication intake and injections.

  • Inhibited Ejaculation: Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy.If alcohol or drug are key reasons for the disorder, the therapy starts with treatment of the addictions;
  • If the reason is in taking some specific medication, the main task of a doctor is to prescribe a lower dose or change the scheme of treatment at all;
  • If psychological factors have led to anejaculation, therapy includes the counseling with sexual health doctor and mental specialist. For the better effects therapy includes counseling together with sexual partners.

Regardless of the ways of treatment, its efficiency depends on the mutual desire of both partners to recover their sensual life.