Not agree with your sex-life? There are 8 ways to have better sex.

It is not a secret that a good sex life takes not only time but efforts to maintain. Besides, these days our busy mode of life makes us tired and we refuse from sex more and more often. However, having a good sexual intercourse doesn’t always mean adding different sex toys. There are some other ways to get her hot (even if your woman is a cyclic creature).

In some instances, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is to persuade your man to take /Cialis or Viagra/. These pills may vary sexual life but mostly, they are used by those men who complain about erection disorders. Besides, the Viagra or Cialis price doesn’t allow each man to try these drugs.

In this review, we will show you how to make sex better. Read our 10 tips very attentively and change your sex life for the better.

1. Usage of a Blindfold.
You may wonder but the most important sexual organ is your brain. In case one sense is hindered, the other one clamors to compensate. When you blindfold your partner, her (or his) sensory awareness will increase. Your partner doesn’t see where you are and what you are going to do. What will be then? Everything is in your hands!

2. Apply Sensual Massages.
Mostly, our bodies are tense in many areas. A relaxing sensual massage can relax a body of your partner and unlock it to have better intense orgasms. It was scientifically proven that sensual massage is the most relaxing thing you can do for your partner. If you haven’t enough skills to do this, you should spend some time attending lessons. If you take your partner with you, it will be great! For both, these lessons will be useful.

3. Put yourself in the student’s chair.
Even if you consider yourself to be an experienced lover, this information will be useful for you. You may consider that you know your partner quite well and know all her sexual preferences. Nevertheless, women not always share their sexual desires and just do what you like. Talk to each other about things you haven’t tried before and select one suggestion from each partner. This method will definitely vary your sexual life.

4. Role Playing.
In most instances, people are ashamed of the role-playing. However, if to believe statistics it can really make sex better. When you play a role of someone else, you will gift rather enjoyable sensations to your partner. So, don’t be afraid of it!

5. Play Strip Poker.
The bravest of you will confess that he has already tried all these play strip games during the student years. Nevertheless, after several years of successful relationships, you may try to play such games again and you will definitely like the result. Take a pack of cards and start playing strip poker with your partner. The most fun part will be when both of you are naked.

6. Try new positions.
If this advice seems to be silly, read the explanation below. You know several positions that bring your partner to orgasm. Nevertheless, if you do not try the new ones, you will never know whether there are some other ways to bring a partner to orgasm. So, use your imagination and don’t be afraid of trying new positions. Besides, changing locations, you always change the position too.

7. Take Turns.
This is an excellent chance to vary a sexual life. Turn sex into a giver-and-receiver game. To do this, just decide the amount of time you spend per one person and take turns making what your partner asks you to do. When your partner is pleased, you will get more!

8. Change places.
Try to change the location. Think without limitations and remember that your bedroom is not the only place for a sexual intercourse. When people change the location, they get new feelings and new experience, which can make sex better. The place fully depends on your preferences, it can be your car, hotel, restaurant, everything depends on your imagination.

We hope that our recommendations will change your sexual life for the better and will allow you to restore your relationships. Don’t be afraid of trying anything new. Life is too short, try to fill it with bright moments only.