It is a well-known fact that the cost of medicines that are used for curing erectile dysfunction is rather high. Not each man, suffering from impotentness can afford to buy them. However, it doesn’t mean that he cannot be treated. Our goal is to discuss the question of Cialis price, find out how to curb expenditures on medication and analyze in what pharmacies the Cialis cost is the most profitable.

Cialis: What should I know about these pills?

cialis 5mg priceThese pills are used to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Cialis belongs to the category of PDE-5 inhibitors. Except for impotentness medication, Cialis is regarded as the most efficacious pills, used for benign prostatic hyperplasia medication.

The main distinctive feature of this pill (as compared to other drugs like Levitra or Viagra) is that the effect of Cialis intake lasts for 36 hours. This feature has been the main selling point for this tablet, obtaining the nickname “weekend pill”. A man can take the pill once and enjoy the drug exposure for two days. Such long effectiveness has a number of benefits. The most important is that couples can be more spontaneous in their sexual life.

One more benefit of Cialis is its availability as once-daily therapy in a low dose. Comparing Cialis and Viagra, the patients taking Cialis can take a low dosage of this pill on a daily basis in order to get long-term relief from erection disorders.

In any case, if you consider that erection disorders happen to you more and more often you need to consult a healthcare provider or a specialist who can tell you what pills to take and what patients, suffering from erectile dysfunction should do.

Cialis Price in Retail Pharmacies

cialis pricePeople used to buy pills in retail pharmacies. It is not a surprise because more often we remember about tablets that we need to buy only when passing the nearest retail pharmacy. You just tell the retail pharmacist what pills you need and pay for them. However, we never think about the price of drugs (Cialis price in particular). In fact, the prices in retail pharmacies vary greatly. You, as a man, looking for Cialis, you cannot visit all retail pharmacies of your city in order to compare prices and find the cheapest variant. Nevertheless, if you have no prescription coverage and the Cialis price is the question of major concern for you, you will be made to do this.
If you just want to vary your sexual life and try Cialis, don’t expect that your healthcare provider will cover the Cialis cost. You should pay for it from your own resources.

The Cost of Cialis in Online Pharmacies

These days, more and more people make online purchases. This capability is very useful and convenient for those who have no free time to visit department stores personally. The same is with drugs. Nowadays, there are many online pharmacies, offering very lucrative offers. You may get a good discount, allowing you to save money.

Besides, when you buy Cialis in online pharmacies, you will get the following benefits:

• You do not spend time, visiting drugstores personally;
• The medicine will be delivered to any place you wish;
• No one but you will find out that you buy pills for erectile dysfunction medication;
• The Cialis cost is lower

As you see, buying from online pharmacies you only win! However, before placing an order, choose only reputable stores, selling original drugs. This issue is very important because Cialis and other ED pills are the most counterfeited ones.

How to make a healthcare provider pay for Cialis?

Each man, who is made to take Cialis on a regular basis surfs the net in search of the answer. However, the result is deplorable. In most instances, Cialis is not included in the medical expense insurance. More information you will get calling your well-being cover. Nevertheless, Lilly company (the manufacturer of Cialis) doesn’t control the Cialis cost. Healthcare providers are not going to pay for these pills. Probably in the near future, the situation will change for the better.

How much does Cialis cost?

The Cialis price fully depends on the dosage. The more dosage you need to take, the more you will pay for it. Besides, taking into consideration the fact that the company-manufacturer doesn’t control the cost of this pill, it is difficult to predict the result. However, we will try to determine the average price.

The average Cialis 5mg price is $4. This is the price per one pill.
The average Cialis 20 mg price is $17.

In any case, it is much more profitable to buy in packs. In doing so, you will pay less and curb the expenditure. To find the best price, you just need to surf the net, compare prices, offered by different online pharmacies and place an order. In some instances, you will get a discount.

What about Generic Cialis?

All ED pills have generic analogs. This aspect allows men to buy them cheaper. However, it is not about Cialis. The patent for Cialis in Europe and the USA will expire in 2017. It means that generic competitors will hit the market at that time. Unfortunately, there were no public announcements about this issue. On the territory of the USA, you will not find any generic competitors except for Viagra or Levitra.

how much does cialis costMany patients, suffering from erectile dysfunction are concerned over the question of Cialis price. In any case, this drug is one of the most efficacious ones. When it comes to methods that can cure erectile dysfunction, any man is ready to pay any sum of money in order to bring back a normal sexual life.